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About NexusWorx
NexusWorx, originally termed Fiber Management Tool (FMT), is a software program developed by the SpatialAge group of Byers Engineering Company as an extension of the company’s Engineering Work Order OSP engineering design and facility management system.  FMT was first implemented in 2003 for two of the company’s major telecommunications (telco) customers and, in 2007, was adopted by Florida’s Department of Transportation.  At that time, FMT was modified to be a stand-alone solution including specific features for supporting intelligent transportation system facilities.

With the proliferation of fiber optic networks by both competitive telecommunication provides and non-traditional entities, the need for simple and easy map based application to manage fiber optic facilities has increased.  In 2008, in response to this growing demand, FMT was renamed NexusWorx and offered as a hosted solution.  (The name is derived from the Latin word for network.)  At that time, staffing was augmented to include management, customer support, product development, applications and product management, implementation, sales and in-house development.  Many of the staff have telecommunications backgrounds, which helps ensure that knowledge of the industry is integral to the software development process.

About SpatialAge Solutions
SpatialAge, the software and data services group of Byers, was formed in the early 1980s to provide data conversion for several large telco customers. To facilitate efficient manual-to-digital conversion, the group developed an internal CAD solution in the mid ‘80s; in the late ‘80s, SpatialAge developed the Engineering Work Order system in this CAD environment -- an application still in use today by AT&T Southeast and Centurylink as well as other ILECs throughout the United States.  Today SpatialAge provides software solutions to over 20,000 licensed users to multiple telecommunications and utility customers. 

About Byers

Privately held and Atlanta based Byers Engineering Company (byers.com, nexusworx.byers.com, spatialworx.com) has been providing technical services and software products to its utility clients since 1971. Current employment is at 1,000, with regional offices from New England to California.