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Your network is at the heart of everything you do.  Its efficiency and sustainability promote continuity of service.  Effective planning and provision facilitate the expansion of services, market penetration and community welfare. NexusWorx puts all aspects of your fiber network at your fingertips and empowers your network with intelligence, enabling you to plan, provision, manage, and maintain your network far beyond what you thought possible. Contact us today to schedule a webcast demonstration or to obtain a free 60-day product evaluation or pilot.

Fiber Strand Management/Report
Includes individual fiber status and fiber cable summary, dB loss, and A to Z connectivity. Default statuses include working, dark, defective, reserved, allocated, and leased. The user has the ability to drill down further into a detailed splice report.

Document Management
Provides functionality for users to attach files of any type and quantity to any feature in the network, including fiber paths. This includes the ability to create and attach notes to network features.

Optical Circuit Management
Allows the user to manage both transport and derived optical circuits (DWDM) at a high-level. Users are able to associate customers to a fiber path and designate attributes for circuits including usage, wavelength, SLA level, service rate (OCN), ITU channel, and in-service date.

Outage Locate
Provides the ability to pinpoint the geographic location of an outage based on OTDR test results. The data within NexusWorx allows the user to quickly identify which strands and customers are affected when an outage occurs.

Loss Management
Stores loss data for both span and splice at various wavelengths, supports global default and spec loss for fiber strand and splice types (connectors) at different wavelengths, and stores actual splice loss values at specific dB per wavelength.

Diversity Check
Identifies sections in the network where two physical paths share the same fiber sheath or exist within the same geographic corridor.

Fiber Trace
Traces a fiber path from beginning to end and produces a Span Detail Report containing all path entities such as total splices, strand and cumulative length, loss details, and devices. The fiber path is highlighted in the map window for ease of viewing.

Logical Distance Measure
Allows the user to choose two arbitrary points on the map and see all paths connected between them. This feature also provides the distance between the points.

Equipment Location and Device Management
Provides the ability to manage fiber and communications equipment to location features. A location can be a room, building, or field cabinet. At each location, the user has the ability to add and manage all fiber devices and communication equipment including bays and racks.

FTTx Management
Includes full support for FTTx including PON Splitter, OLT and PONS, ONT, Splitter Hubs and Bays, and Fiber Terminals. The user is able to associate the location of splitters and splices to the tray and slot level.

ITS-Traffic Support
Supports the documentation of ITS specific facilities. For each ITS-Traffic remote sensor or device, this functionality identifies the feeding fiber path or electrical circuit. Reports are also provided that allow users to obtain a listing of all equipment at specific ITS cabinet locations.