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Dark Fiber/Metro Fiber
Whether your facilities cover one metropolitan area or several, NexusWorx offers the sophistication and access to network information you need to get the most from your network, maximizing your investment, confidence in service assurance, quick provisioning and assignment responses, and ready, reliable data for engineers, field personnel, and sales/marketing staff -- all at a price you can afford.  Simple and easy to use and implement, NexusWorx gives you the tools you need today to provide value to your customers and community, complete operational efficiencies and create longevity within your marketplace. 

Your organization is not your typical telco and NexusWorx was designed, priced and is delivered in a format with that in mind.  Our hosted delivery system means ease of implementation, and no IT investments, so you can put that money back into serving your customers.  A centralized system with easy web access means all members of your team are on the same page and have the information they need.  The NexusWorx document management system provides quick access and organization of network documents and photos for engineers, operations and field personnel, as well as customer-specific documents for management and sales. 

NexusWorx gives metro fiber providers the advantage of GIS-centric mapping, end-to-end connectivity information, dB loss management and more in a simple and cost-effective format.  Put NexusWorx to work for you!