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Ensure Efficient Use of Fiber Facilities
Rapidly assess fiber status to identify fibers available for provisioning, expansion, or lease. The user is able to systematically plan expansions to optimize the utilization of existing facilities and design according to loss-budgets.

Improve Asset Management with Centralized Data
Provides a single repository for the network’s supporting documentation, including as-built drawings, pictures, and CAD schematic drawings. The user is able to add, edit, and manage all fiber facilities, including strand, splice, span, equipment, racks, and devices.

Secure Service Continuity
Test for and design with ring diversity to ensure clients and customers have sustainable service.

Access Data Conveniently
Enables accurate and seamless views of the entire network. The user can productively access data over the Web at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Revolutionize Communication
Provides a collaborative environment for all network information, and provides efficient controls of data and views among multiple agencies/parties. Data is easily shared with engineering, operations, field personnel, contractors, and sales and marketing teams.

Increase Maintenance Efficiency & Speed Restoration
Quickly determine which fibers serve specific devices, cabinets, or customers, and pinpoint the exact geographic location of a fiber outage. Users are able to perform remote updating of device attributes such as model, serial number, and installation date.

Easy to Get Started
As an initial activity of any engagement, the NexusWorx technical staff will develop a data implantation plan including detailed pricing. This ensures our clients understand the process, effort, and cost required for getting the data populated. Our dedicated data services staff stands ready to provide cost effective, efficient, and accurate data assistance.

Data Implementation Support
Byers’ technical staff will provide a data development plan and pricing so you know what the full effort and costs are up front. Our dedicated data services staff provides cost-effective, efficient, and accurate data assistance.