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NexusWorx is a thin client-web-based application developed in Java/Oracle-Spatial. The backend geo-spatial engine and data-store of Oracle 10g provide data security, integrity and enterprise performance. All your data -- both meta and geospatial -- are stored within the same singular database. Because NexusWorx is a J2EE Java application, only a Java Runtime Environment is required on your Windows client for running the NexusWorx application.

These technologies allow users of NexusWorx to rapidly deploy, getting up and running with the application without requiring CD’s, manual installations or software updates to manage.  Just a couple of clicks and you’re up and running on NexusWorx.

Deployment Scenarios

This option is provided to NexusWorx customers who want to spend their budgets on the important aspects of their fiber management solutions -- their data! In the hosted deployment the user subscribes to our ASP (Application Service Provider) service so that the data and application reside on our server. The data is only accessible to the user. We provide 99.99 percent availability with a service-level agreement to back it up. In addition, you get access to the Navteq digital street centerline Landbase data at a very low annual fee. The hosted deployment allows you to forego the IT headaches with system administration, costs for servers and third-party licenses. We manage these for you!

This option is for NexusWorx customers who want to deploy the application on their own servers. In this scenario, perpetual user licenses are purchased for end users with annual software maintenance. Byers provides on-site deployment support and, optionally, on-going system administration of the NexusWorx application for a low annual fee.

Additionally, Byers is an Oracle ESL (Embedded Software License) reseller and can provide Oracle-Enterprise Spatial at 80 percent off manufacturers' suggested retail price, if an Oracle license is required for deployment.

Either way, Byers has got you covered! Give us a call today to learn more.